Former Researchers

Former Research Students

Shane TImmons (2014-2017)                 PhD: Moral reasoning about good actions.
Funded by the John Templeton Foundation
and a TCD PhD Studentship.



Madhav Bhargav (2016-2017)              MSs Applied Psychology: Counterfactuals and                                                                      moral judgments in Indian and Irish students


Mary Parkinson (2012-2015)                 PhD: Judgments of moral responsibility


Funded by Irish Research Council





Benignus Nduibuisi (2012-2013)             MSc Applied: Moral inference


Eoin Gubbins (2010-2013)                         PhD: Cognitive processes in moral reasoning


       Funded by Irish Research Council





Karl McPhillips (2012-2013)                     MSc Applied: Chess problem solving

Jamie Boyle (2011-2012)                           MSc Applied: Intentions

James Dixon (2005-2008)                          PhD: If only thoughts and  exceptionality
Funded by TCD PhD Studentship

Alex Pereda Banos (2004-2007)              PhD: Attention and reasoning
Funded by PRTLI

Caren Frosch  (2003-2006)                        PhD: Causal and counterfactual thinking
Funded by Irish Research Council

Michelle Cowley (2002-2005)                    PhD: Falsification in hypothesis  testing
Funded by Irish Research Council

Julie Meehan  (2002-2005)                        PhD: Counterfactual thinking in children
Funded by Irish Research Council

Suzanne Egan (2000-2003)                        PhD: Reasoning about counterfactuals
Funded by Irish Research Council
and Enterprise Ireland

Aisling Murray  (2001-2004)                      PhD: Reasoning with insight problems
Funded by Irish Research Council

Sinead Mulhern  (2001-2002)                    D Clin Psy Anxiety and counterfactual thinking

Vicki Panoutsoukopoulou (1996-1997)     Msc Couns Psy Depression and counterfactuals

Clare Walsh  (1998-2001)                             PhD: Context in counterfactual thinking
Funded by Irish Research Council

Alice McEleney   (1997-2000)                      PhD: Causal and counterfactual thinking
Funded by Irish Research Council

Rachel McCloy  (1996-1999)                        PhD: Counterfactual and semifactual thinking
Funded by Northern Ireland Education Council

Former Visiting Researchers


Marta Stragà, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, Italy
Visiting Postdoctoral researcher 2017

Sabrina Haimovici University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Visiting Postdoctoral researcher  2016/2017


Raluca Briazu University of Plymouth, UK
Visiting PhD student 2015/2016 

Marta                 Celia              Alice

Marta Couto                                     Celia Rasga                                 Alice Ping Ping Tse
ISPA Lisbon Portugal                    ISPA Lisbon Portugal               Granada Univ Spain
Feb-June 2013/2013/2014            Feb-June 2012/2013/2014     Sep-Dec 2013

Sergio Moreno Rios (Jan-June 2014)     Inferences from false information


Orlando Espino    (Oct-Dec 2008)           Deductions between conditionals and disjunctions
University of La Laguna, Tenerife

Rob Guttentag     (Oct-Dec 2007)            Memory for counterfactual conditionals
University of North Carolina, US

David Beltran       (Oct-Dec 2006)            ERP and deductive inferences
University of La Laguna, Tenerife

Stefanie Pighin     (Oct-Dec 2005)           Counterfactual thoughts of actors and observers
IUAV Venice University

Oscar Vila              (Oct-Dec 2004)            Syllogistic inference
UNED, Madrid, Spain

Juan Madruga     (1999- 2000)                 Unless and only if counterfactuals
UNED, Madrid, Spain

Valerie Thompson     (Oct-Dec 1999)      Counterfactual conditionals and implications
University of Saskatchewan, Canada

Walter Schroyens       (Oct-Dec 1997)      Conditional inferences
University of Leuven, Belgium

Yevgenia Goldvarg   (Oct-Dec 1997)        Causal conditional reasoning
Princeton University, US

Sergio Moreno-Rios  (Oct-Dec 1996)       Inferences from even if conditionals
Granada University, Spain

Orlando Espino   (Oct-Dec 1995)              Counterexamples and suppression of inferences
University of La Laguna, Tenerife

Susana Segura    (Oct-Dec 1994)               Temporal and causal order in counterfactual
University of Malaga, Spain                        thoughts

Alessandra Tasso    (Oct-Dec 1993)           Inferences from counterfactual conditionals
University of Padua, Italy

Former Funding

Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences
Irish Research Council for Science Engineering and Technology
Enterprise Ireland
Programme for Research in Third Level Institutions Higher Education Authority Ireland
TCD Arts and Social Sciences Benefactions Fund


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